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7 Most Popular Types of Curtain Headings | Infographic

Curtain headings are part of a home’s soft furnishings and their choice can impact the home’s décor in a major way. If you are mulling over which type of heading to choose for your new bespoke curtains, refer to the infographic we’ve put together below.


How to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Windows

Curtains are the finishing touches to the appearance of any home. This is why the wrong curtain choice can really harm your home’s pattern and texture. Looks aside, window curtains also serve a practical purpose. They offer privacy and provide warmth which helps cut down your energy expenditure. So how…


5 Inspiring Ideas To Enhance Your Windows In The Home

When looking at your windows, it’s hard to find inspiration when thinking about what you can change about them. “What can I do to my windows?” “How do I make my windows look bigger?” “What colours should I go for?” This blog is going to go through 5 different concepts…