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With more than a touch of class and a true dedication to quality craftsmanship, if you are looking for made to measure curtains in London, Zenn Interiors are top of the list.

Our expert designers craft luxury curtains and handmade blinds for any room and for any specification. With our wide range of handmade curtains and our tailored sofa upholstery for both leather and soft furnishings, we have solutions for all interior design projects.

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Hand made curtains London

Our team of skilled craftsmen have a deep understanding of personally crafting made to that are handmade to our London based workshop.

All of our skilled upholsterers work closely with the interior designers and developers on each project to ensure that everything is perfect.

This commitment to excellence helps to translate your design ideas into a solid aesthetic. Above all we are committed to delivering a personalised and memorable service for all of our clients.

The best curtain makers in London

At Zenn Interiors, we understand the importance of working with a reliable curtain maker. You may need a curtain maker in various situations, for example, you may require specific measurements, you require a large quantity of material, or you may want a specific design.

Zenn Interiors are the best curtain makers in London. With our specialist skill set and experienced experts, we have worked with many customers, designing and creating bespoke curtains for their properties, leaving them satisfied. We use various types of luxury fabrics and designer fabrics for your curtains, including:

  • Romo luxury curtains.
  • Osborne & little luxury curtains.
  • Casamance and Andrew Martin luxury curtains.
  • Designers Guild luxury curtains.
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Luxury curtain fabrics for bespoke curtains in London

If you are in need of high-quality curtains, you will require high-quality fabrics. The use of cheaper fabrics to create your curtains will result in inferior products.

At Zenn Interiors, we stock and supply a wide range of the finest different fabrics for you to choose from. Types of fabric that are used the most to create bespoke curtains include:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Wool
  • Silk/faux silks
  • Velvet & more

We can promise you that the fabrics we use to design and create your custom curtains are always top-quality and durable. We can produce curtains to withstand everyday home life.

Types of curtains we make in London

Zenn Interiors can provide you with a range of different types of curtains, large and small. The types of curtains that we provide include but are not limited to:

Roman Blinds

Functional, stylish and timeless - Roman blinds block out light whilst adding to the interior decor with their expansive colour options and styles.

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Box pleat curtains

Box pleat curtains are a choice, rising in popularity. The pleats are tailored and then sewn flat. These curtains are especially popular due to their timeless design and are suitable for most rooms.

single panel curtains

Pencil pleat curtains

Pencil pleat curtains involve fabrics being folded and collected tightly. This enables the fabric to look like a line of pencils, hence the name. From the pleats at the top of the curtain, the remaining fabric falls to the floor. These can be used for tracks or poles.

panel pair curtains in london

Wave Curtains

Wave curtains are a stylish and contemporary curtain option which suit a range of different rooms. Often chosen by those looking to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere; the pile gathers in the header in a unique way, creating rippling texture and sumptuous appeal.

pinch pleat curtains

Pinch pleat curtains

These pleated curtains involve lots of fabric bunched together and stitched at the top. These curtains are the most popular type of curtain that we create. They can be designed in two-finger pleats to five-finger pleats. The more pleats that you choose to have, the fuller the curtains look.

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Custom Curtains London

Custom curtains are the best option for your property as they can transform a room into your dream living space. Deciding to have custom curtains fitted for your property can provide you with many benefits. Benefits include:

  • You can choose fabrics and materials.
  • Curtains can be made to fit your specific window measurements.
  • You can choose the colours that you wish.
  • You can customise any details.
  • Higher-quality products meaning they can last longer

Custom curtains have grown in popularity for many reasons. They are high-quality and long-lasting, so you do not have to worry about replacing your curtains sooner than needed. Even though custom curtains may be slightly more expensive, they can be tailored to your exact needs. Our custom curtain company can provide you with bespoke curtains if they are needed for certain property types, specific uses or any other reasons you may feel you need them.

Made to measure curtains by Zenn Interiors

  • Taking measurements.
  • Cutting.
  • Crafting.
  • Design advice.

Tracks and poles are fitted for you in London. We have for many years and continue to work with customers across the city. We can put you in contact with experienced interior designers if your custom curtains are part of a larger interior design project. We can liaise with your team to deliver remarkable results. Here in London, we have worked with numerous high-quality interior designers in the past that will assist you in achieving your goals.

At Zenn Interiors, we can offer you a FREE quote. With competitive pricing, we can provide you with accurate cost estimates. Give us a call today to find out more!

Why work with our bespoke curtain makers in London?

  • Expert advice & in house consultation
  • High quality fabrics
  • Skilled upholsterers in our london workshop
  • Long standing relationships with interior designers and developers
  • Traditional & modern styles for curtains london
  • 20 years industry experience for bespoke curtains
  • Personalised customer service & made to measure curtains

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Bespoke curtains near you

Zenn Interior is based in London and provides services across the city. We are here to assist you with your custom curtain needs. We can design and create bespoke curtains, tailored to your requirements. Give us a call today for a FREE quote and to find out more about the services we provide!

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