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By: ZENN Interiors

7 Most Popular Types of Curtain Headings | Infographic

The choice of curtain headings is no longer as simple as it once was. Curtain headings are part of a home’s soft furnishings and their choice can impact the home’s décor in a major way. If you are mulling over which type of heading to choose for your new bespoke curtains, refer to the infographic we’ve put together below.

It’s a handy guide that is relevant even if you prefer to use ready-made curtains. Off-the-shelf curtains these days offer an enormous number of options when it comes to curtain headings. Barring some heading types that require intricate workmanship, most headings can be mass produced.

Which brings us to the question of how to pick the right heading type for your curtain. Each heading has its own set of advantages. Also, these headings differ from each other in form rather than function, except maybe in a couple of instances. For example, wave headings are considered ideal if you want the curtain to fit both poles and tracks. Similarly, tab top should be avoided if you want to block out external light completely as the heading’s design lets in some light through the gap between soft folds and the curtain.

The rest of the choice can simply be based on style considerations. If you want something mainstream, inexpensive and modern-looking, pencil pleat headings are perfect. Double and triple pleats are more stylish takes on pleated headings and have an air of elegance and class about them. Since their pleats are given shape by creating multiple folds, these headings are restricted made to measure curtains.

Offering an excellent balance between style and practicality are eyelet headings. Featuring pressed metal rings through which the pole is drawn, these curtain headings are perfect for modern homes. They are also available in various décor options like chrome, brass and silver.

In the end, the choice of curtain heading ultimately comes down to the décor you want to create for your home. If you want full control of how your home décor turns out, consider going for handmade curtains. Doing so also helps you take your pick from the various curtain heading types.


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