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Types of Curtain Hooks

Curtains are excellent additions to your windows and are well worth your time and energy to hang them. They add privacy and beauty to your otherwise bare windows. You have choices when it comes to how you hang your curtains. It’s wise to educate yourself on the types of curtain hooks that exist so you can choose the best option for your home or office.

How you hang your Luxury Curtains using curtain hooks affects the overall mood in a room, which is often a detail that is overlooked. Take a look at the different types of curtain attachments and the types of curtain tops, so you know your options and how to achieve the look you want in your space.

Pin Hooks

The basic style of this curtain hardware staple can best be described as a piece of folded metal wire. A pin hook consists of two sides, one of which has a sharp pin and the other, which is a curved hook. You may see them and notice that they seem to resemble a fishing hook. They may have up to four prongs and all work in the same manner. Simply insert the prong side into the back of the curtain header at the base of the seam or pleat. The hooked side is then inserted into the eyes of pole rings, glides running along a track, or into the holes of a stationary rod strip.

Sew-On Hooks

Sew-on hooks may look similar to pin hooks, but there is a difference. Whilst they have a hooked side, they have a prong with a rounded eye at the end of one side instead of prongs that insert into the fabric. For the hook to remain in a fixed position, it’s sewn onto the back of the curtain header. The hooked side is inserted onto pole rings, glides, or the holes of a stationary rod. They’re typically made from brass and are strong and durable enough to hold most fabrics.


It’s no surprise that S-hooks are in the shape of the letter S. You’ll usually find them made of metal, but they also come in plastic or wood form. You may be familiar with them because they’re mainly used and work well with holding up shower curtains. However, you can use S-hooks with any curtain that has a buttonhole at the top. One end of the hook is inserted into the buttonhole and the other end hooks over the curtain rod. You’re going to see the hook above the curtain, so you want to find hooks that are attractive and decorative. Be glad to know they come in many colours and a variety of finishes.

Clip Rings & Round Rings

Another type of curtain hook to be aware of are clip rings and round rings. Similar to S-hooks, they’re meant to be seen. Therefore, they’re a way to add a sophisticated and elegant look to your curtains. One of the most popular methods for hanging drapery is ring clips, which are clipped to the drapery panel’s top edge with rings sliding over the rod. A round ring has a small eyelet at the base of the ring, and they’re used with pleated drapes. The hook in the back of the drapes inserts into the eyelet. The ring then slides over a curtain rod. These hooks are versatile because you simply clip the ring to the drapery panel and can use them on a traverse rod or a standard curtain rod.

Selecting Curtain Hooks for Your Spaces

Curtain hooks help you create the perfect curtains and look for your window. They’re not only aesthetically pleasing but can help you determine the best length for your curtains. You can hang them high, for example, so that your ceilings look taller. It’s important that they’re attached correctly so that they hang right and are strong enough to stay up over time.

Clip rings may be best suitable for your living room, while S-hooks will be a good way to hang a shower curtain in your home. You’ll likely want a different look for your office then you will for your bedroom, so study the differences so you can decide what curtain hooks to secure for the various spaces in your home.


Curtain hooks are an essential detail of decorating your windows and home that you shouldn’t overlook. Use this information to help you decide on the best types of curtain hooks for your drapes so you can get started enhancing the beauty and look of your home today.


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