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By: ZENN Interiors

The Complete Guide To Wooden Slat Blinds Handmade In London

Wooden slat blinds come in many different styles and variations.

Adding bespoke wooden slat blinds to your home can create a unique feel and design.

Which is why custom wood blinds are so sought after.

They offer a reliable and sturdy material that never goes out of style.

Wooden shutter blinds are perfect for introducing a natural aesthetic to any room.

Of course you can also get them in different colours if the natural element colours are not your style.

Another addition to wooden horizontal blinds is their durability.

Due to the woods strong structure.

In our opinion, blinds made from wood really do complete any room they are brought into.

Bespoke Wooden Window Blinds

Other than white faux wood blinds, you can also get authentic hardwood handmade blinds.

It really depends on your budget and what you are after.

For instance, if you are not too bothered about your wooden horizontal blinds being durable, than go down the cheaper faux road.

Remember, even though it may be slightly cheaper, it does not mean the quality of the wooden slat blinds goes down.

On the other hand, if you want to pay a little extra for thick wooden slat blinds that you are expecting to last you for years to come, then opt for real wood blinds.

Wooden Window Blinds and Wood Slat Blinds

You can tailor the style of wooden shades to your taste by deciding on how wide you want the slats to be.

Even switch up the natural colour by having grey wooden blinds, black, red or varnished.

Varnished wood makes even the cheaper wood seem more expensive and higher quality.

Especially nowadays when deep brown, thick wood is very much in style.

Not only has it become increasingly popular this year, but dark wood has always been stylish. It is a style that never goes out of trend.

Bamboo Roman Blinds Made To Measure

Alternatively, you can get some wooden slat blinds made of bamboo.

Bamboo looks amazing in kitchens because it is lighter and has a softer look.

Although wooden horizontal blinds are also great in a kitchen, they do not offer as much light as some blinds. 

Bamboo wooden window shades bring in an exotic aesthetic that is refreshing and simple.

However, when it comes down to deciding on wooden slat blinds or bamboo shade, it all comes down to personal preference.

For example, you could style a bamboo blind with a fresh daffodil yellow wall or a sweet subtle orange.

Or you could decide on a dark black painted wooden slat blind to pair up with a clean white wall.

Bespoke Wooden Blinds London

With such a variety of choices available you may feel overwhelmed.

Well, here’s another decision you need to think about, whether you are buying ready made or custom blinds.

You can get bespoke wooden blinds that are hand made by specialists and to the highest standards.

Whatever you choose, be sure to measure for your blinds first to ensure a perfect fit.

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