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Having Venetian Blinds Made To Measure

Getting Venetian blinds made to measure isn’t as hard or even as expensive as some people may think.

Even if it seems like an impossible task, the biggest challenge is knowing what to ask and who to go to.

Perhaps you are looking for 50cm wide purple Venetian blinds?

Or maybe 25 mm multi coloured Venetian blinds?

Either way, you will find them at Zenn Interiors.

Do you need help figuring out exactly what type of blinds to buy or having Venetian blinds made to measure?

We have made a simple guide to help you along the way.

PVC Venetian Blinds Made To Measure

By now, you will have heard the term ‘Venetian blinds’ being used numerous times.

If this isn’t the case, then you clearly have not been paying attention.

So listen up to learn what custom made blinds actually are.

Check out these examples of beautiful blinds.

In order for a blind to be Venetian, they will have horizontal slats that can be pivoted to allow light through.

Whether that blind is aluminium or PVC, as long as it fits the description above it is a Venetian.

Okay, next up is single coloured Venetian blinds vs multi coloured Venetian blinds and how to decide on a shade to suit your interiors.

Multi Coloured Venetian Blinds

While you can get plain Venetian Blinds made to measure that are white or cream.

You can also have bright, multi coloured Venetian blinds.

Quality blinds can really spice up a room with a pop of red or even yellow or even purple Venetian blinds.

Keeping the rest of your room with an overall minimal theme with the colour scheme means you can later add coloured blinds.

That you can swap over at a future date at ease.

For example, dark purple Venetian Blinds or metallic Venetian Blinds will contrast with the basic whites, creams or greys.

This is a great way of bringing more character to a plain room without having to completely redesign.

You could even have black blinds or red Venetians for a very modern, classy feel.

Or, if you are really into colour and making a statement, get multi coloured Venetian blinds.

It will certainly stand out to any visitors.

Wide Slat Venetian Blinds

Wide Venetian blinds are perfect for places that you would like to have more light to shine through.

Due to the wider slats, when open the gaps are obviously larger, allowing more light in.

Wooden Made To Measure Venetian Blinds

It is best to decide on whether you want your Venetian Blinds Made To Measure to hang from inside the window recess or above.

If your answer was above/outside the window recess then measure the length from around six inches above the window recess.

This must be centres and will become your ‘drop measurement’.

Next up is the width, simply measure the width and add a few inches on either side to make sure the whole window is covered.

If you are wanting blinds that are set inside the window recess, all you need to do is measure the length and the width of the recess.

Bespoke Roman Blinds or you can buy the best Venetian blinds that are already made.

Find Out More

Are you looking to buy multi coloured Venetian blinds?

Or are you interested in finding out more about Zenn Interiors?

Then be sure to check out our range.

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