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By: ZENN Interiors

Curtain Specialists in London – Behind The Art of Making Curtains

Curtain specialists allow you to design your own curtains.

By adding a touch of class, handmade curtains create complete individuality to your room.

However, dressing your windows is often left to the last minute with a rush to B&Q’s.

Failing to even think about curtains before moving into a new house is a common problem.

As is re-designing the interior of your home.

There are numerous elements that demand your attention when moving or re-designing a room.

It is completely understandable for you to forget about the piece of fabric that hangs from your windows.

We definitely don’t consider having handmade curtains made.

Bespoke Curtain Specialists London

Curtains may be seen by most as just a necessity.

But they can add so much more character to your home.

They frame your windows and turn the boring slabs of glass into beautifully framed art.

This allows the sunlight to embrace every part of your tastefully designed room.

Design Your Own Curtains

Curtains can turn your home into your favourite place in the world by designing it around your favoured choice.

Whether that is a cosy forest, a warm exotic country or a busy city.

You can bring the outside in.

You can base the design of your curtains to fit in with your local area.

Or you can switch it up and turn your house into the place, country or town you love.

For example, if you live in the countryside but wanted your home to give out a more urban vibe.

You could get in touch with a designer and they can base the colours and patterns on Central London and city life.

This is also something Zenn Interiors would be happy to help you with.

Due to their many interior design friends, they can get you in touch with the most well suited interior designer.

If you have already got an interior designer, they can get in contact with Zenn Interiors.

Together they’ll liaise and create and design your own curtains.

Style Tips For Curtains in London

  • Blues and greys are a well suited colour scheme for a Central London city feel!
  • Deep greens and bronze can represent a tropical forest exquisitely while the bronze sprinkles more class and a modern feel.
  • Paler yellows and creams are perfect for that sweet countryside vibe or for a modern nursery.
  • Ocean blues and sandy yellows are great to make you feel relaxed, calm and beach-like.

Curtains are Useful and Stunning

Having curtains built by curtain specialists, create a brilliantly unique feel and can transform even the dullest of rooms.

Unveil your curtains to view a beautiful, simplistic mural that shields your sleepy house.

This allows you to escape from the bright lights of the outside world and allow your tired eyes to rest in bliss.

All our work is handled with much more care and passion due to the time spent designing, cutting and stitching each piece of fabric by hand.

High Quality Curtains

Unlike the ready made curtains that are mass produced by machines that have no real concept of what art truly is.

Which is mainly due to the fact that they do not have a brain.

But also because they make tons of the same style and design of curtain over and over again.

It is slightly sad to imagine clinical, cold robots making the curtains that will hang in your home rather than curtain specialists building them by hand.

Your curtains deserve a lot more tender, love and care.

Most importantly, you can be sure that your bespoke designs are of the best quality.

They deserve the time and attention to ensure they never have any defects and fit perfectly with your home.

You also get the added benefit of knowing your curtains are one of a kind, uniquely and precisely hand stitched to your tailored desire.

Hand Made Curtains Allow You More Choice

Are curtains don’t only give you the freedom of variation but also additional characteristics.

Having a set of curtains built to order that no other home holds, is a unique privilege.

Not to mention the fact that they are brilliant for those awkward to fit bay windows.

Or even for older crooked houses with unique features and uneven window frames.

From the range of colours, design, size and textures you can be sure to get the sublime personalised curtains for you.

Themes Of Originality Of Curtains

Our curtains mean every idea and design becomes original and unique.

Whether you decide to:

  • Design your own curtain
  • Seek out professional help from an interior designer.

Your curtains will get that stamp of originality.

How Much Do Curtain Specialists Charge?

It isn’t always true that buying from curtain specialists usually equals spending more of your hard earned money.

However, every extra penny is worth paying for the custom attention to detail.

It is like the old saying “you get what you pay for”.

In this instance you really will. 

I’m not referring to spending all of your cash on some product that turns out to be way over priced.

I am talking about ensuring you get the perfectly suited and fitted curtains at a reasonable price.

Surely you would rather spend more to get more?

When you design your own curtains you can be certain to get exactly that.

  • More quality
  • More designs
  • More choice
  • More sizes

Just a lot more.

In the short term, this may seem to cost a little more.

However, in the longer term, you will save money on having to buy a new set of curtains in the future.


To conclude, handmade curtain specialists in Central London really are an art form of their own.

They are unique and can hold meaning for you depending on the design you choose and why.

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