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How to Clean Your Sofa

It can be frustrating to spend a huge amount of money on a new sofa, only to find that after a few months, it looks like you’ve had it for 10 years. If you are in a situation similar to this one, then you need to know that you are not alone. There are so many people out there who are having the same problem, but luckily, there are few things that you can do to try and make sure that your sofa is getting the care and attention that it deserves. Before you read this guide, just check out the cleaning chart below so you can make sure that you aren’t using something you shouldn’t on your fabric sofa.

Cleaning Code

  • W- Use a cleaner that is water-based or try and use a product that has water as a base ingredient.
  • S/W- Use water-based cleaners or solvents on this type of sofa to remove any stains or grime.
  • S- Solvent-only cleaners should be used to clean the sofa. Use a product that is chemical-based.
  • X- Do nothing other than vacuum the fabric.

First- Use a Vacuum or Steamer

The first thing that you should try and do is use a garment steamer. These are usually hand-held and they work by killing any dust-mites that could be lurking right beneath the surface. Some garment steamers will come with an attachment that works perfectly for upholstery cleaning. If you don’t have anything like this then use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. If you have removable cushions, then now is the time for you to take them off and go as far as the vacuum can reach. Before you know it, you will have a clean leather sofa!

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This sofa cleaning technique is essential to start with, even if you are trying to clean cream leather sofa cushions. The main reason for this is because if you don’t then you may find that you end up pushing dirt deeper into the fibres.

Cleaning Water- Only or Solvent- Only Fabric

If you are curious as to how to clean suede sofa with a water-based cleaner, then you need to find a product that has water as its base ingredient. Velvet sofa cleaning techniques often involve hunting down products that fit into this category. If you aren’t sure if your product is suitable then try and use some mild dish soap that has been mixed with warm water. If you are worried about doing this then test the product on a hidden area first. This is the best way to clean sofa cushions too, but remember that you can always try dry cleaning sofa covers as well. If you have stains, then blot them and work from the outside first. This will stop the stain from spreading. Apply whatever cleaner you have sparingly and when it looks better, dab the area with a damp cloth as this will help you to remove the stain from the fabric.

Cleaning Leather

If you have a leather sofa then you need to check the code on your fabric so you can make sure that you are using the right solution for your needs. If you aren’t quite sure as to what solution your sofa needs, then play it safe and use a mild soap and water solution on a hidden area. Wiping down your leather sofa on a regular basis will help to keep it free from any stains.

Deep Cleaning your Sofa

If you want to deep clean your sofa then you may need to invest in a sofa cleaning device. This works by agitating the molecules in the sofa, dispersing the dirt while also effectively dealing with stubborn stains. Deep cleaning should really be left to a professional if your sofa is especially dirty, so try and keep this in mind if you can. If your sofa isn’t that bad then the best thing to clean a leather sofa would be a detergent that matches your sofa code, which can be used in combination with a sofa-cleaning device. If you don’t have a device then sometimes leaving the solution on the fabric for a short period of time can help you to lift and remove any stains that might be a bit more stubborn in nature.

If you don’t believe that it is possible for you to remove the stains on your sofas, then it may be worth trying to get your sofa re-upholstered. When you do, you can then make your whole sofa look great without having to worry about a thing. On the other hand, it might be worth considering a stylish, yet protective, loose sofa covers. Give us a call for more info!

Cleaning your Sofa

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