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How to Measure for Curtains UK

Made-to-measure curtains are the dream. With the ideal tailored fit, these can create snug sizing with a professional finish that deliciously sets off your decor. At least, they can if you take care to measure well beforehand. No company can create your ideal curtain without that all-important information, after all. But, how do you measure curtains? The process couldn’t be simpler, and we’re here to make it even easier with a quick guide that’s sure to cover all your measurement needs.

Measuring for eyelet, pencil pleat, and pinch pleat curtains

If you’re looking into eyelet, pencil pleat, or pinch pleat curtains and are asking yourself, ‘what size curtains do I need?’ then please look no further. The following basic processes are all you need for ideal measurements every single time.

measuring the window length

# 1 – Get curtain width right

Getting the width of your curtains just so is fundamental considering that it’ll be near impossible to alter this later. No pressure! Luckily, measuring width is a reassuringly easy process. Simply keep in mind the fact that you should focus on measuring your curtain pole or track, rather than the window itself to ensure plenty of fabric during the making process.

# 2 – Take care of curtain poles and tracks

Whether you’re measuring for width or new curtain poles and tracks, you should always extend measurements here around 15-20 cm outside of your window itself, and at least 15 cms above the window. This ensures poles and curtains that are the ideal fit without question.

# 3 – What about curtain tracks with overlap?

Don’t panic, either, if you’re dealing with a track that has an overlap in the centre. In this case, you simply need to keep the above pointers in mind when measuring the individual sides of your track, then add those numbers to get an accurate figure for the curtains you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s a mighty big (curtain) drop

Window-specific measurements aside, you’ll also need to consider the drop of your curtains to ensure the ideal end product. Drops range depending on your needs and preferences, but good general guidelines to go off for decent finishes that don’t meet the floor and rub or fade include –

  • 1.5cm above the floor
  • 15-20cm below the sill (or 2 – 3cm above the radiator)
  • 1.5 cm above the sill

Measuring drop with a pole

How you measure with a pole will rely mainly on where you’d like your curtains to sit. Most commonly with pencil and pinch pleat curtains, you’d measure from the underside of your curtain rings to where you’d like your curtains to finish. If, however, you’d like to cover those rings, measure from their tops instead. If you’re measuring for eyelets, measure merely from the top of the pole to your ideal endpoint.

Measuring drop with a track

Measuring for the ideal drop with a track is even easier, and requires only that you measure from the top of the track itself to where you’d like your curtains to end. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

Wave curtains

If you’ve got your eye on wave curtains, then you must note that measurements are slightly different because your track will be included, much like with a blind. As such, you’ll want to consider a few more focused and Wave-specific measuring criteria, including –

  • Exact fitting

If you desire that your Wave curtains sit outside the window with overlapping sides, then an exact fitting is for you. This proves especially useful if you’re considering Wave curtains for a bay window, but can look fantastic in any installation. To achieve the exact fitting necessary, you must measure the area of overlap you would like by at least 150mm on all sides except the bottom, which is a point of personal preference.

  • Reess fitting

If you want your Wave curtains to sit inside your window, then recess fitting is the way to go. With this technique, you should measure the full width and height of your window recess, making sure to measure in three places and exacting the smallest numbers. Bear in mind that success here also relies on your window recess having a depth of at least 75mm, so check this before placing your order to make sure you’re not disappointed!

As you can see, it really couldn’t be easier to get curtain measurements right every time. And, once you’ve mastered these basic techniques, there should be nothing stopping you from ordering your dream custom curtains from Zenn Interiors today!

how to measure curtains

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