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Woven Wood | Pinoleum Blinds in London

If you're looking for a calming choice of blinds for your home interiors, woven wooden blinds are an excellent option. They are made using natural wood and bamboo to offer neutral shades and a soothing atmosphere.

Woven wood blinds can look both traditional and contemporary, depending on the colour and texture you choose, as well as your existing decor. Woven wood or Pinoleum blinds use sustainable materials so you can be sure that your choice is environmentally responsible.

There are some great benefits to using woven wood blinds in your home.

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Why work with Zenn Interiors for Woven Wood blinds

Our experts at Zenn Interiors will help you choose the best woven wood blinds for your home.

In our bespoke workshop, we'll create handmade blinds that are the perfect fit for any window. Talk to use to find blinds that will match your decor and give you all the practical benefits you're looking for too.

Our staff are experienced and dedicated, and not to mention eager to help you find the woven wood blinds that will work for you.

The four main benefits of Woven Blinds

Light transformation

The way that woven wood blinds are designed means that they don't completely block out the light. Their slight transparency allows light to filter through for a soft look, which is relaxing and gives any room a calm atmosphere.

So if you're feeling zen, there's no one better to install your woven wood blinds than Zen Interiors.

The style of woven wood blinds makes them perfect for conservatories, sunrooms, and orangeries. In any room where there could be a lot of light coming in, you need a way to control it.

However, you don't want to block out the natural light completely because it's the enjoyable part of having a conservatory. A woven wood blind prevents the glare of the sun from being too strong, leaving you with a softer light that you'll surely love.

One of the great things about woven wood or Pinoleum blinds is that they're durable and offer longevity.

If you're looking for a blind that's going to serve you well for years to come, blinds made using tough wood and bamboo are an excellent option.

There's no need to think that woven wood blinds are boring. Even though they often come in calming, neutral shades, you can still select from a range of style and colours.

Woven wood blinds can come in different styles, including roman blinds and roller blinds. You can explore some beautiful textures, and you can stick with natural wood colours or choose a subtle shade like a light mint green.

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Learn more with an in house design consultation

Zenn Interiors offers free consultations to anyone looking to fit new blinds in their home. We'll come to your home free of charge to begin your journey to the perfect blinds.

You can call us on 020 7871 3082 or email zenninteriors@gmail.com to speak to one of our experts today.

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