London Venetian Blinds


Designed and Installed in London

Venetian blinds are a classic choice for controlling privacy and light in your home.

Zenn Interiors offers a comprehensive range of Venetian colours, materials, and textures so you can choose the ones that work for you.

The slatted design of Venetian blinds allows you to control the light in your home by opening or closing them, as well as simply pulling them up and down.

You can choose them in a variety of different designs, from natural wood blinds to affordable plastic or metal.

Venetian blinds are ideal for your modern home, offering some excellent benefits.

Top 4 reasons to consider Venetian blinds

1 - Focused on simplicity

One of the best things about Venetian blinds is their pure simplicity.

They have a design that makes sense and makes it easy for you to control how much light comes into your home.

Because the basic design is so easy, it makes them super versatile, making a huge range of styles possible.

It's easy to choose the material, texture, and colour that you want.

2 - Great for blocking unwanted light

If you're looking for blinds that will block light well, Venetian blinds are an excellent option.

Other styles of blinds are more transparent to let in more light, even when they're closed.

While Venetian blinds can sometimes offer a level of transparency, they're often more solid and so are a great choice for blocking out the light.

This makes them excellent for use in the bedroom, in the living room to block glare from the TV, or in your home office.

3 - Wide range of designs for you to choose from

With the wide range of Venetian blind designs available, you can choose a style that works for your home.

When you consult with one of our experts, they can examine your home decor and help you find Venetian blinds that match.

Venetian blinds are available in a number of different materials, from wood to metal and plastic.

You can also select from different textures, like a faux-wood style in plastic, and a huge range of colours to suit your tastes.

4 - Venetian blinds are easy to maintain

Another excellent advantage of Venetian blinds is that they're easy to care for.

Because they're solid and not made from soft fabric, you can simply wipe them clean.

The slats are easily angled so that you can get in between them and clean off any dust or dirt.

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