Sheer Roller Blinds London


Designed and Installed in London

If you’re looking for an elegant solution to your new blinds, sheer roller blinds could be the option you've been looking for.

Sheer roller blinds provide a softer, decorative touch, protecting you from harmful rays from the sun.

Meanwhile the do still allow in a small amount of light to keep your home bright and airy.

Our custom sheer roller blinds provide you with privacy while offering a stunning aesthetic.

Choose from a wide variety of colours and designs, all specially manufactured by our fabulous in-house designers.

With Zenn Interiors, you’ll get the perfect sheer roller shades and blinds for your home.

4 reasons to choose sheer roller blinds

Sheer roller blinds from Zenn Interiors come with a whole host of benefits.

1 - Achieve more privacy with Sheer roller blinds

Many people want privacy.

But big, bulky curtains aren’t ideal for all interior situations.

Often, you need something sleeker.

Soft sheer roller blinds give you the privacy you want while complementing your delicate interior.

2 - Choose from a large range of options

The great thing about sheer blinds from Zenn Interiors is that you get an enormous choice of sheer shades, all with different properties.

Our sheer shades come with light filtering nylon and polyester sheer fabrics.

This blocks out harmful rays and room-darkening material which allows you to see a full view out of your windows, even when closed.

3 - Prevent your upholstery from wear

UV rays not only damage the skin - they can also damage other items in your home.

The good news is that our sheer roller blinds come with UV protection built in.

This means that you don’t have to worry about furniture discolouration, even for items placed in direct sunlight.

4 - Enter a world of bespoke designs

You don’t want the same sheer roller blinds as your neighbour.

And with Zenn Interiors, you don’t have to.

Our expert designers can assist you in choosing between hundreds of different styles.

From colours and bespoke fabrics Zenn Interiors will help you find the perfect styles for your home or office.

Our sheer roller blinds can totally change the mood of a room, providing warm, soft colours.

Sheer shades are excellent at controlling light while providing an elegant window covering, especially in awkward situations, that takes up a minimum of space.

Get expert advice to choose the right Sheer roller blinds

Choosing the perfect sheer blinds for a room can be a challenge.

That’s why we offer a free, initial in home consultation.

An expert from Zenn Interiors will travel to your home and talk to you about the best sheer roller blind design for your setting.

Whether it’s a bay window, skylight or conservatory, we'll advise you on materials and styles for the best design.

Book an in home consultation with Zenn Interiors

At Zenn Interiors, we don’t believe in doing things by halves.

That’s why we only supply hand-made sheer roller blinds, made by our experts in our workshop in London.

We procure only the best materials to make sure that you get a stunning, bespoke finish.

Our skilled team are among the most sought-after and trusted blind makers in London.

We stock hundreds of different sheer roller blind fabrics in many different colours, patterns and materials.

To find out how we can transform your interiors with our roller blinds get in contact with us today on 0207 871 3082 or email