Roller Blinds Central London


Designed and Installed in Central London

Our roller blinds are simple, elegant and stunning.

Not only that, they’re inexpensive too, meaning that you can get stunning interior design without having to spend a fortune in the process.

Roller blinds are constructed from a single piece of fabric which wraps around a tube that slots right above the window frame.

Tugging on the attached cord either rolls up or unfurls the blind.

5 reasons to choose Roller blinds

1 - a highly versatile tpye of blind

Roller blinds are incredibly versatile, suitable for the vast majority of window types.

If you’ve got large bay windows, skylights or even patio door windows;

Roller blinds are the perfect covering.

They offer great shading, as well as easy access.

2 - Easily fit into sleek spaces

In some rooms, like the downstairs cloakroom, you’re limited for space.

While curtains are an option, roller blinds often provide a far simpler and more elegant design.

Roller blinds fit into a tiny volume, helping to open up small rooms and maximise the space available.

3 - Wide range of colours and styles

Thanks to their simplicity, roller blinds are extraordinarily easy to customise.

And with Zenn Interiors, you can choose any style you like.

We’ll work closely with you, tailoring your individual blinds to your specific needs, helping match them to your existing decor.

4 - Great prices

Custom curtains can be expensive.

But at Zenn Interiors, we’ve kept the price of our custom roller blinds at rock bottom.

Not only are they stylish and elegant, but they’re also surprisingly affordable.

This means that they won’t make a big dent in your home improvement budget, allowing you to spend more on other things.

5 - Transform any room

Until you’ve used roller blinds, it's hard to appreciate just how much of a difference they can make to the atmosphere of a room.

But take it from us, they can have an enormous impact.

Roller blinds help keep rooms simple, minimalist and fuss-free while providing stunning designs to boot.

Why work with Zenn Interiors for custom Roller blinds

Enormous Selection Of Custom Roller Blinds.

No matter what your needs, here at Zenn Interiors we have the perfect blinds for you.

Our experts can offer helpful advice to assist you in choosing the right blinds.

Fabrication is carried out in our bespoke workshop where we have an enormous choice of fabrics and patterns.

With help from our experts, we will find the right design to complement your decor.

Whether you’ve already got the room you love or are planning on creating something entirely new.

Nothing is more annoying than going to a custom roller blind maker only to have them ignore your instructions.

We listen carefully to what you want and create it faithfully using our sophisticated methods.

Discuss the next steps with an in house consultation

Choosing the perfect roller blind for your home is a challenge.

That’s why we’ll supply an expert consultant who will provide an initial home consultation, free of charge.

Talk to our experts today on 0207 871 3082 or email